Let Them Grow

LET THEM GROW (10-9-2008)

I saw three figures coming toward me with bundles in their arms and a shawl covering it. The shawls that were covering them fell down and revealed babies and I could see that they were a little chubby. The figures (male and females) were thin and the babies were overweight.

And the LORD said they were teachers, pastors, leaders, and parents who were carrying their children a little too long. They were feeding them but not allowing them to get exercise and the knowledge that only comes by experience. Hands-on- training is essential in both the natural and spiritual realm.

We must feed them (teach them) but realize they will always need to be release; that the process, food comes in and goes out. In the natural, we release through the draught and in the spiritual the release comes from the mouth and behavior.

But we are carrying them too long, we must release them, for we are hurting them and they won’t mature, they won’t learn what they need to learn at the time they should have.  Let them go – they will make mistakes, but don’t beat them up, we’ve made them too.

Hands on Training

We as adults looking back must remember that some of us went through 12 years of school, and some of us went on to more schooling and others went out into the world (the wilderness) to find a career or job using whatever we’ve been taught.

Once we got the job, to our surprise we learned that we may or may not use the information we were taught right then.  Most companies give you on-the-job training in things that pertain to their companies, their policies and procedures, and their equipment.  Such is the ways of the Kingdom of God, we study to show ourselves approved, train (practice, and practice) then we are released to get on-the-job training (the disciples did).

It is important that we have the basic principles to prove you have studied in the natural world, so is it the same in the spiritual world it behooves the Body of Christ to be taught the basics (who they are in Christ and to develop their own relationship with God) before they begin the hands-on-training (wilderness, and trials).  If one’s relationship with God has been developed and you have taken the Word and put it in action during your daily walk, and can hear the Voice of God for yourself, THEN you have the ammunition to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into your destiny and calling.

They must have their own relationship with God and know who they are in Christ.  They eventually will led out into the wilderness (the world system) but be taught how not to become , part of it (that’s where the basic training comes in, to keep us by allowing the Holy Spirit to remind them of who they are and what they have because of who they are) daily.

We must be guided by the Holy Spirit Monday to Sunday or we will be eaten alive.  Our lives must be examples of what we Christians quote from the Bible.  We are placed in the marketplace as a light to shine and express the Love of God.  When the opportunity comes our way, then we are there with the Truth of the Word, and the Power of God.


All the lessons we learned from childhood to adult life did not come from a book. Some came from relationships and experiences.  This is one area we have flunked as parents, and leaders, we have not prepared them for liar, deception, and witchcraft.

The basics should be taught at home before they are released into the world system.  There are some things that should have been taught before pre-K and kindergarten.  There are things that children learn, such as how to share and communicate with others, after they get to school.  But many children don’t have respect or manners (basics), perhaps of poor relationships with parents and their extended family members. This in turn filters out into classrooms and other areas; and if not corrected, these same things will travel with children into adulthood which gets more complicated as time goes on in their lives.

So we as teacher, leaders, and parents must not only teach daily, and lead by example but must at times step back to see what your students have learned, never assume, but watch and listen.  We might be surprised of what your students have grasped. Where they missed it, don’t beat them up, but help them, show them where they made their mistakes, it is all part of growing up.

If we are not careful, we will become as witches practicing witchcraft, wanting to be in full control of their lives, their relationships and their environment, afraid we might lose them. In reality, they are not OURS.  That’s our insecurities and weaknesses and we must ask for help ourselves.

Wisdom plays a part in knowing when to hold on and when to stand back.  The tighter you hold, the more they rebel which automatically opens a door or window to the enemy who will set up traps and deception to discourage and hinder their walk.

We must become wiser and ask for the wisdom from the Holy Spirit in raising and developing our natural as well as our spiritual children.  There are too many adults right now that we know, and or work with where somewhere during their developing years, hindrances, blockages, and just life itself have deter their growth and knowledge of the TRUTH.


So stop carrying the big babies, sit them upon their own feet ((with proper teaching and training) and let them discover their own territories and brace themselves to walk; while you watch from a distance. That’s what God does.  Stop carrying and picking up the toddlers when they don’t feel like walking and definitely don’t pick up the youth (whining and complaining) when they feel lazy or too spoiled to do it themselves. They expect you to do it for them and that really doesn’t help them.  Send them back to their notes (remind them) of the teachings and principles that you’ve taught them. Teach them, show them, and let them go.

It is nothing like having your own experiences and with the children of God, it is a must that lean on and depend on only God instead of mankind and developing that skill is vital in these days.

The most neglected and difficult subject is developing relationships with others.  In businesses, groups, anytime people gather and even in our churches, we find that most of the messes we have, comes from immature individuals that have poor social and communication skills. We mimic what we have seen and heard and sometimes abuse (verbally, mentally, or physically) has hindered or stifled growth in certain developmental stages of life. We have to be more sober, alert and honest with ourselves and others so that we can learn and help others through their valley; so they can grow and mature.

In order to change a generation we must repent first, and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom, understanding and patience to lead those who want to know God’s way of doing things.  We must stop criticizing, being judgmental and such big hypocrites.  Be mature ourselves, grow up.

Pray against pride, arrogance, fear, anger and jealousy so we can teach and mentor the ones that are crying out for help for there are many of all ages and backgrounds.


Until next time….

Amw –posted 11/14/15

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