A Clarion Call to The Body of Christ


The time is here and the urgency is now to reach out to everyone that you know and don’t know.  Extend the hand of GOD to your children near and far. Express the urgency of the time with love to your brothers and sister, uncles and aunts, nephews, nieces and cousins.

The time is here for repentance for disobedience.  For those who know me, Disobedience is not walking in what I have called you to DO FOR ME. Your ministry of reconciliation is required THIS DAY. Express my LOVE, share your testimonies, LISTEN and hear in order to apply the proper ointment to the oppressed.

Start in your house and then go into the highway and byways for the time is short. You are accountable for what you know right NOW. Don’t put it off for some lives are in danger and you have been designated to LOVE THEM. Loving them is sharing the answer for all mankind, so USE EVERY COMMUNICATION TOOL I HAVE GIVEN YOU ESPECIALLY THE PRAYER OF INTERCESSION.

Call and visit in person, send a letter or leave a note- extend my hands of LOVE to everyone you come across. TIME IS NOT TOO SHORT, IT IS HERE. You have been chosen THIS day to tell them about my SON and what he has done for YOU and THEM. I am giving you MY LOVE ASSIGNMENT, so make sure you go with clean hands and a pure heart. Love on them and point them to my SON, I will do the rest.

You have met with each other and have gotten FAT with MY WORDS and not shared MY WORD NOR THE KING to the lost: DO NOT APPEAR TO ME WITH BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.


PRAY, READ AND MEDITATE upon these scriptures and receive from GOD the strategies to reach the LOST in your world (family, neighbors, and communities).

Matthew 24 (End of this Age)

Mark 1:15 (Time)

2 Corinthians 5:18 (Ministry of Reconciliation)

Matthew 25:31-46 (Judgement)


Heavenly Father, We ask and Thank You for forgiveness.  We ask for guidance as you give us wisdom and discernment to complete our Love assignment.  We repent for not heeding to your voice and ask strength and courage to fulfill this assignment. We come against the giants of pride and fear so that we can express your love effectively to those you send us to along the way. We come against every hindrance and blockage that has kept them from receiving the GOSPEL, and praise you in advance for salvations, healings, and awakenings,   in Jesus Name we pray AMEN.

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