(6/20/15 1:00PM)

Every member of the Body of Christ is a minister of reconciliation and has an assignment to reach those that are in our territory. Every one that we come across daily or we encounter in our lives. WE have to reach those in front of us; our children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, customers, or strangers, any human being.  Sometime we believe, if we can only get them to church, yes. But many are not coming because they are blind to the GOOD NEWS. Their ears have been trained to hear BAD NEWS. WE have to reach out to them with God’s love. We have to listen patiently and offer prayer.  JESUS is the answer and is sending you out to lift him up so all can be drawn to HIM. WE must ask for opportunities to SEIZE THE MOMENT.  The Holy Spirit will lead you to the person that is RIPE.

We have missed so many opportunities in the past, but GOD is revealing that in THIS season, we must seize every opportunity because of the time we are IN. Overlook no one, our children, parents, grandparents, any one that come across our territory. If you already spoke to them, GO BACK. Our territory is wherever we go physically and spiritually through pray. We must listen more and talk less; we can discovery the need for GOD’s love everywhere and we are the CHURCH. We must break the habit of sitting in the pew and digesting the WORD and then preaching the same message to each other.  Ask God for the OPPORTUNITIES, seek the RIPE (those who are in need of GOD’S unconditional love.) Share JESUS, our rescuer, our savior, our testimonies to those who are RIPE.  We must never assume but be led by the Holy Spirit.

We must recognize the attack of the enemy on our love ones, the perversion in the land, and the zombies (the walking dead). They could be seen as distractions to keep us from our graduation to the next level or opportunities to share the LOVE OF GOD or both. Listen to the Holy Spirit, pray in the Holy Spirit and OBEY.  Don’t walk by …..Stop, pray, and intercede for them. Pray for our leaders for restoration in their bodies and their lives to continue on. They need wisdom, strength and vision for this hour. Pray for our children, the fatherless, grandchildren to remove the blindness ….so they can see GOD’s hands in their lives. Share your testimonies, become transparent, and come against the spirits of pride and fear.

However: Before approaching we must have clean hands and pure hearts so that the PURE Love of GOD permeates the atmosphere and reserve moments to minister where they are. We have to come against the spirit of familiarity by using it for an opportunity to testify how you overcame through the mercy and grace of God. Someone pray for us and now you are praying for them. It doesn’t take hours just moments……PRAYER WORKS, WE HAVE TO WORK IT.

Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 5: 15-21 *18 (by word and deed)

Leaders: We must seize the opportunity to teach how to seize the moment. So many are seeking for themselves and do not recognize they have all they need to share with others. John 3:16. They must have clean hands and pure hearts, focusing on the Love of GOD and sharing HIS goodness and Grace.

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