Stand and Fight

Given just these words:


Rest of message– 5/26 (9:30 am)

The Body of Christ is more than the members of our church he has a larger point of view and perspective. There are those that know the Truth and share with only those who know but that has to be expanded out to those in our families, neighborhoods in our cities and states. There are members of the Body of Christ that are saved but do not know about the benefits and principles that come with salvation.

In this season, those who know ((Body of Christ) have to share with those that do not know who they are in Christ. Stop preaching to ourselves and reach out to others, tear down the invisible walls that have been built by religion and denominations. GOD is looking for an ARMY (Body of Christ) both physically and mentally fit for this season. They have to know who they are in Christ, have their Armor on, and can use the weapons available to them.

Prayers are spiritual warfare arenas and GOD’s words are fiery bullets targeted toward the disease to heal and toward the mental illness to deliver. Those that know how to use their weapons covered with the blood and armed with the Word of God are being called to attention from the LORD of Host for battle. A war is going on within and against the Body of Christ, and we are losing soldiers because they have no backup. Intercessory prayers should be happening daily and increased to hourly. The world is trying to silence Christianity period and the Body of Christ is silent, lift up your voice and rebuke fear and pride.

FEAR and PRIDE has dominated the Body of Christ but the world will march and voice their frustrations about injustice. Our marches are in the spiritual realm and our weapons are not carnal but pulling down strongholds by the power of the blood, Word, and the Holy Spirit. Battle is in the minds (mental) and deliverance starts in the mind. What affects the mind will eventually affects the body (physical). They are integrated and has been ignored or not known. We are attacking each other instead of the enemy in the midst. Stop and regroup. Revival starts with us and is personal and then corporate.

We must allow the Holy Spirit to reveal our sore spots, our weaknesses, the places that the enemy has a stronghold so that they  can removed and we become strengthen in order to fight from a “WHOLE” place. FLOOD is coming and they are looking for an ARK (a safe place) and the Body of Christ must be READY. If they are not they will be swept away with the rest of the group. For many sick will come through your gates looking for healing and deliverance and the Body of Christ, the Army chosen to fight (sharing the WORD and prayer against the enemy devices) must be prepared.

For the time is short, and we must walk in love, faith and by the Spirit. There should be nothing in us the enemy can use to distract others from receiving their salvation and building their faith. Enough is enough, answer the call to step up higher and report to duty, for the Father has need of us. Pray children pray, do battle in the spiritual realm. Use your voice that has power to tear down walls, remove gates, pierce flesh and remove mountains. Repent and Stand up and fight because there is a cause and a battle to be won. The Father is expecting the Body of Christ to arise not just one battalion over here and another over there. One leg, one arm, one finger, one foot is not a whole body. As in the natural war, soldiers are taught to have each other back and if one gets hit the other carries them. Same in a spiritual battle, those who know should teach and pray for those who don’t so they can receive what belongs to them as a member of the Body of Christ. Selfishness and jealousy are weapons of the enemy and has to be destroyed and replaced with giving and sharing. It all starts with forgiveness, repenting, and intercession. The Holy Spirit is the leader and will give us wisdom and direction and must hear and obey with no after thoughts. Lift up your spiritual voice children, use your weapons, and do not leave one behind. Answer the LAST Call for soldiers (go after SOULS) and Stand Up in your rightful position in the Body of Christ, Jesus has finished his assignment and you are now on duty in THIS SEASON. The baton has been passed down from generation to generation and finally to THIS ONE.  Will you receive it and FINISH the race?

With God’s LOVE,

Sister Anna


I’LL PRAY FOR YOU AND ASK THAT YOU PRAY FOR ME. I know that many are already doing this but we must all must answer the call to be ministers of Reconciliation.


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