Family (8/1/19)

Family is the most precious and valuable relationship that one can and will have on this earth. It began with God and his original plan for us. As we look our daily lives and take time to ponder life; we can see his plan in action and how darkness has crept in unaware to divide and destroy families and relationships especially with God.

As a child the first relationship is with our parents (mother and father) and whatever we hear (heard), see (seen) played a part of our development good or bad. Whatever we learned inside the house showed up on the outside of the house. Whatever we saw inside was digested and recorded and later imitated.

The environment we develop for our children will be duplicated and be presented to the outside world, for we are products of our environment. Children even toddlers will pick up (through their senses) after seeing repeated behavior what they can get away with because even at that age, selfishness, is already there. They want what they want right now, me first then others, make me happy and give me everything I want. We were all born in that selfish world because of sin (Adam and Eve in Genesis).

The snare, trick, strategy of the same enemy is to divide, separate in order to kill, steal, and destroy relationships. So, when we look at family; one of the enemy plots is busyness outside the home wherein there less focus inside the home. We must provide and ask God to help us keep a balance and wisdom to walk in it.

Parents’ long day is comprised of getting children prepare (feed, clean, dress, etc) for the day (whew tired already) then in the car or on the school bus for some to deal with another environment. Depending on their lifestyle, the family may be separated for several hours; children in another environment and parents in yet another developing other relationships.

The hustle and bustle of life, getting to and from work (whew I am tired) and dealing with the outside world pulls one’s energy, focus, and strength. One can become overwhelmed from the many variables that one deals with in the outside world and feel that you are worthless and don’t have what it takes. Whereby the time you leave that one environment and relationships you barely have strength for the ones in your own family. This is a another lie from the enemy and setup to make you want to quit, don’t buy it, don’t receive it.

So, we drive ourselves in the worst traffic ever or catch a bus to take our exhausted self to pick up the child or children and throw them in the car, go to the grocery store or fast food (too tired to think about cooking) and finally get home. But our day is not yet over, one must eat, do homework, bathe the children, get them in bed and sleep before greeting your spouse and passing out. We wake up and do it all over again for 5 to 6 more days.  When we go to work, we give our ideas and labor to another and can’t wait for payday for a check that is already spent. One feels like on of those hamsters running on the wheel inside a cage never getting anywhere or yet as a zombie day in and day out. It is yet another trick of the enemy to make you think and believe you are in bondage with the thought of no hope and no way out. But Jesus came to destroy the works of devil and set the captives free.

Such is life, so we think, but the snares of the enemy is to exhaust you, shift your focus from your family and significant relationships in order to steal your time that you can never get back.  No time to communicate with each member of the family, teach or correct (too tired just let me rest, I still have 4 more days in the week to do this). He presents thoughts to your mind that no one else, other Dads, Moms, parents, adults are going through this and may have you peeping in the outside world. The grass is not greener, it is artificial turf, we must refocus. It’s a lie by deception.

In the world today, we are looking at generations where family is not a priority, children are not valued, newly born babies are put in trash cans or left on doorsteps and toddlers are raped by adults. The youth are frustrated, disappointed, being bullied or become the bully, and are physically, verbally and mentally abused. They no longer value life or themselves and have lost hope. So the door is open for the enemy to creep in to draw them in gangs, sex traps and abuse, rape, molestation and worse.

Darkness has invaded and attacked the minds of people (adults as well as children). Where is the Light? It has been overshadowed by darkness instead of shining forth. It takes a village and a concerted effort to raise children, to maintain a marriage and significant relationships. Time is valuable and how we spend and give it is most important. Many speak of leaving a legacy and think of materialistic things (land, money, houses and cars) but our children are our legacy. When one is fortunate to so call retire and look around, will or can we find our children or our significant ones? Tomorrow is not promised and later may not come. We must not let the devil steal, kill and destroy and we been given help; we just believe and receive it.

We must make a change and take the challenge of making time for children, grandchildren, and maintaining our significant relationships. Do they know about Jesus, are we showing God’s Love by expressing it in our words and behavior?  God’s original plan is about family and included providing The Answer and solution to every problem. As The Father, he cares about you and everything that concerns you, and will nurture, provide, correct, discipline, and express unconditional love for his children.

So, those that have receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior which made God our Father; we are his children and must imitate our Father while there is time, reach out, apologize, forgive, give wisdom, be there with a listening ear and  share our testimony and life experiences when given the opportunity. Pray for those opportunities, spiritual discernment and wisdom to use them.

What are we leaving for our children and their children to gleam on, for time is short and we can not get it back so proclaim that what we do today will change a life in in Jesus Name. The world presents success as money and fame and is influencing the minds of our children and has captured their thoughts, emotions and behaviors (soul).

God forbid if he comes for his children (us) in the middle of the night and our children don’t know him through Jesus Christ and don’t come with us. So, every one of us have work to do, preparation to make and growing up to do.  For we must not miss this last window of opportunity to shine and show forth HIS GLORY.

Those who have not met Jesus Christ and need an introduction, consider this as one and receive LOVE for God is Love.  Repent of your sins and ask forgiveness for your unbelief until now. Receive Jesus as your savior, healer, deliverer, your hero by confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart that he hears your voice and sees your sincere heart. Expect a change, wisdom, and direction to leadership to be taught God’s way doing things. We all must be about our Father’s business and NOW is the time to get to it. Revival starts on the inside of us and is expressed on the outside. Amen? Amen.

Sis Anna

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