Have Faith in God

Have Faith in God ( 7/18/2019)

Faith in God opens your eyes, ears, and soul to the Real world and takes one from the natural to the supernatural. Faith requires action and the conclusion of the matter is belief or unbelief. It is a Yes or No, there is not a maybe or bouncing in between and expecting to get the same results because the enemy awaits to kill, steal and destroy.

Deception, perversion, and doubt are some of the real tactics used to blind human beings and the busyness of one’s day leaves no time to stop and think about what is really going on with our lives. Are we as we appear zombies, complainers, and hopeless? Do we take life and even the air we breathe for granted? We assume that we will wake up out of our sleep every morning and our heart beats and our lungs breathe as if we have something to do with it.  Just like the sun and moon does what it is commanded by the creator to do, so does our bodies so we are left with choices that creates our day and lives.

We know not the day or the hour, or even how we will leave this earth and it does not have anything to do with age. We walk around like spoil brats believing everything and everyone should bow to our command even GOD. We tell GOD who to bless or not bless according to how you feel or think, or give you this not that, as if we know what God knows; that mindset did not work for JOB, neither will it for us. We must change our thinking as well as behavior toward God, each other and mankind.

Everyone, no exception, must self-evaluate themselves and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal you to you.  Jesus Christ is coming back, the decisions and choices we have made and are making will reserve a spot in eternity. Will Heaven be your destination or Hell, don’t be deceived to believe that we can make that choice at the last minute because we do not know our last minute. Born again or not… Hmmm Food for thought…. when it gets down to it; it is an individual thing (choice and walk).

If we have chosen Jesus for our savior, Heaven is our home, we are a citizen of the Kingdom of God, a member of the Body of Christ, and ambassador of Jesus Christ. Effective Prayer opens our eyes of understanding and we only hear Jesus and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Pray and love each other as we are commanded to do so and don’t give up because we are steps to the finish line. Study, Love and PASS THIS ALONG to those the Holy Spirit leads you to share.

If you have NOT receive Jesus, make the choice this moment and ask God to send a member of the Body Christ in your path today to witness, share their testimony, and direct you to a church that will help you develop your relationship with God through Jesus Christ and is led by the Holy Spirit.

TIME IS TOO SHORT AND NONE LEFT FOR DO…. OVERS. We must make our decisions to Live for Christ and remain strong in him. WITH LOVE,


Sister Anna


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