Relationships (7/17/2019)

We as a human being are wired to be in relationship. We go through many relationships from birth into adulthood.  If you lean upon, trust and depend on any other Noun not sent by God; one sets themselves up for a rough ride in their own journey in the wilderness.

We were created by him for him and there is no substitute. We walk in the darkness of the world until we see the light which lead us back to him. Our human intellect, reasoning, and selfishness delays or prevents us from seeing the light (Truth) and discovering our real purpose in life. So, we accept what we see and hear in darkness because others (the world) are doing it as copycats or imitators of darkness.

Not understanding that it is or was not the original plan of God. Every single person was sent here for a purpose and assignment and many leave this earth without discovering it and or walking in it.   He sent his Word (son) as the example and the Light who sent the Holy Spirit to guide us back to him and his original plan.

The only relationship that you can trust is the one with God that is accessed through Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide, lead, and remind one of what has already been done and your next step. Where are you going and who are you trusting to guide you?

Hmmm, that is an individual response and only God knows the answer. We must take time out through prayer and listening for the response to locate ourselves. Are we imitators of the world and our own reasoning or we imitators of God by following Jesus Christ. Time is too short to play games with our lives; we must wake up, stand up, and become a light (reflection of the light) in the darkness (this world).

It is an inside job and a Love Thing.

Sis Anna

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