Wake Up and Stand Up

WAKE UP AND STAND UP (7/8/19, 7:30 am confirmed at 10:20 am)

We must wake up and stand up by praying for not only our own but everyone in our territories. Evil has infiltrated the entire world and is no longer hiding in the closest. It has invaded every industry and the atmosphere has changed.

We see its effect with our own eyes and hear it with our own ears. We must respond not just by shaking our heads with unbelief and shock and crying for the lost of lives and the family members left behind. The world has waxed colder and the minds of the people are under attacked by evil influences.

Evil abounds outside of the church and has crept inside the church. Why? Because we have allowed it. We the followers of Jesus Christ not viewers (one leg in and one leg out) have not set boundaries, not addressed disobedience, and allowed fear, pride, manipulation, witchcraft, and perversion spirits to plant their seeds.  We the body of Christ has been given the Word and the Holy Spirit not just to preach, teach, and encourage ourselves but to apply to our daily lives within our territories.

We that know must share, listen, and apply what we know by introducing WHO we know. We must put our faith in action by praying in the spirit for people and against evil influences. We are Christ’s ambassadors and have been hand-picked for such a time as this.

Pray, intercede, and listen for the strategies to reach out into our communities. We got to get out of the four walls and be the church and stop playing church. We must walk in unity and love so the world and can see the REAL deal not the imitation of holiness.

We CAN’T sit and watch our Lord and Savior be mocked in the world system, our right to speak and stand on our beliefs be taken away while the enemy uses his influence on others to promote his agenda to kill, steal, and destroy. Our children, grandchildren, parents, love ones, and communities that have not been enlighten by the LIGHT within us are suffering needlessly. Pray for protection that they will not be attacked and be used by darkness no matter what form it is introduced. If we have a good idea, a good recipe, a proven method we would share without hesitance, so should we share the love of God and the Word of God.

As Jesus Christ bided Peter to come out of the boat and keep his eyes on him; so is he bidding us to come out and show ourselves, for he has already paved the way. Believe that he is our protection and will give us the wisdom and discernment to walk out in the natural while listening and obeying in the spiritual. He wants to show us and the entire world “what eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard” will you be the one that he uses?

There is a war going on and it is not even about us; it is about good and evil, light and darkness BUT GOD has already won through Jesus Christ and the ruler of darkness doesn’t want the World to know THE TRUTH.  Let there be LIGHT. Therefore, the children of Light must rise and shine so those are blind can see and be set free.

The questions to those who have been chosen for “such a time as this” Are:

Will we accept the challenge and choose to be ONE of those who will share the love of God and introduce Jesus Christ to our family and others, go out into our communities and then into our expanded territories. Will we go tell what we know, in the highways and byways and bid them to come. Leaders have we taught, trained, and prepared the body of Christ to do what they have been called to do and released them to do it?

Hmmmm, we must be healed and whole ourselves and that is an inside job. Revival starts on the inside of us. The world is not only watching but mocking the church for it seems that there is no power. Pray, pray, pray, listen, listen, listen, and STAND for the one and Only True God, our Father, Our Lord and Savior our soon and coming King for the world is looking for the answer and we know him.

Sister Anna

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