ARISE and Evangelize

Arise and Evangelize 3/14 10:00am

NOW more than ever is the time to reach out to our love ones far and near to speak peace, love, and faith. We must come against fear and panic which promotes poor and bad decisions. With the closing of events, schools, and even churches in some states and communities; one must take advantage of the non-voluntary captive audience.

For the Body of Christ has been forewarned to be prepared and to be ready and now WE MUST ARISE to speak and send the Peace of God, share the Word (scriptures of protection, healing, and the Love of God). We have been given a captive audience of both children and adults and the usage of social media will quad tripled, therefore we must speak and send encouraging and empowering words. There is no distance in the spiritual realm so we can send love, healing and even deliverance through the air waves and minister to every social platform.

WHAT A GREAT TIME FOR FAMILIES to spend more time, eat together, address concerns and issues, and really develop their relationships: LOOK AT OUR GOD!!!! God is about FAMILY.

Evangelizing to our families, loved ones and anyone that comes across our path is of upmost importance and being an Ambassador of Christ is a necessity. We are the CHURCH, but we will see an increase of attendance in our buildings (the ones that stay open) they will be seeking an answer and we know THE answer and THE Cure.  This is the Body of Christ, the CHURCH finest hour and the opportune time for remnant to STAND UP and use the training that the Holy Spirit has given us. All hands-on deck for this is OUR TEST and we must pass it and God IS WITH US. Our expectations, anticipations, and prayers for signs, wonder, and miracles (especially creative ones) will be realized for those who hear the directives of the Holy Spirit in this hour.  GLORY TO GOD…THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

This Kairos Moment will reveal and expose the REAL CHURCH from the imitations (no power) for we must:

*show and express God’s love,

* execute the God given strategies,

* call your teams (staff, volunteers, etc.),

* utilize the already prepared five- fold ministers,

*develop and strengthen your communications methods,

*keep our doors open (trained ministers on duty) or be available by phone or social media,

*develop prayer chains (24 hours with volunteers) and finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY,

* PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and again PRAY.

THE WORLD IS SEEKING ANSWERS BUT WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!  (Luke 4:18, 19) What an exciting time IN THE LORD, OK soldiers in the ARMY of LORD, LET’S GET TO IT (about our Father’s business)!!!

PRAY for those who are serving the people (medical field) for parents, and those whose jobs are immediately affected which in turn effect every aspect of their lives. We call forth the ones who have resources to make themselves known with the Spirit of Giving in their communities will lie upon them heavily. AMEN and AMEN.

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