PRAY, PRAY, AND MORE PRAYER 3/17/2020 9:00am

As we are hearing our directives from our governors and the President to slow the spread of the virus; we must still combat the Spirit of Fear and the Spirit of Infirmity which promotes:

– additional stresses and anxieties,

– exacerbates existing conditions (physical and mental issues) prior to the arrival,

-and can attack our body, but our soul (mind -thoughts, emotions-reaction to our thoughts, and our decisions (our choices).

We must utilize all resources which includes knowledge from all arenas to educate, empower, and encourage us during this trying time for all of us. For this has a snowball effect into all aspects of our lives in categories like:

-our income, employment, careers,

– families (both parents and children),

-all kingdoms (sports, entertainment, politics, and finances), and

-small business owners and their livelihood.

One thing that is absolutely necessary is Prayer and more Prayer.  For the world is attempting to fight an invisible and unknown entity with changing profiles and variables which must be combated with spiritual (invisible) warfare also and more so.

Prayer and more Prayers, we challenge the leaders of all denominations (ones that serve and worship the one TRUE God through our Savior, healer, and deliverer, Jesus Christ) to show themselves and grab the attention of this captive audience.

Those that have the ears of the President, governors, and decision makers must speak up and stand up on national and local platforms. WHERE ARE THEY? Kudos to NY Governor to Cuomo earlier in his leadership (but God made the difference not all you) and his transparencies and his strategies (confirmation as this was written). The leaders and the remnant must ARISE AND SHINE for this is our finest hour and must seize this opportunity to share what we believe.  OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD AND FACES SEEN proclaiming the Love of God.

For the world was and is not prepared and is:

-scrambling to put vital protocols and in place and changing restrictions,

-searching for safety gear and more healthcare workers,

–  looking for more testing kits searching for symptoms that may or may not identified.

WE MUST PUT OUR FAITH IN ACTION RIGHT NOW SO THAT THE WORLD CAN AND HEAR AND SEE OUR GOD AND SAVIOR. FOR HE IS THE ANSWER AND THE CURE. While the world is attempting to reduce the density and flatten the curve; WE (true believers) must reduce fear and anxiety and give those who are seeking an answer to the Problem.

Scriptures: Luke 10:18,19,20 (power); Psalms 91 (protection), 2 Timothy 1:7 (no fear)


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