Holy Week is God’s Plan Executed for Mankind 4/6/2020 9:00 am

Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday (Easter) are remembered as events during the Holy Week wherein GOD’s PLAN was executed to redeem mankind back to him through his son Jesus Christ. For his purpose was the answer to the SIN problem (implemented in Genesis) to destroy the works of the devil and establish a blood covenant (the New Covenant).

For Jesus Christ’s blood was required for the redemption of mankind.  Jesus Christ was the sacrificial lamb (his body) and the blood he shed is remembered as we take the Holy Communion as often as we take it. His blood protects us and what God sees when he sees us (born-again children) and the same blood that speaks out on our behalf when we pray In Jesus’ Name.

Apply his blood on your doorposts (eyes, ears, nose, mouth- closes gates of entrance), apply the blood, the blood over your entire body (power against any sickness and disease, attacks of the enemy, and a weapon), your children and grandchildren and love ones and everything in your territories (protection, Psalm 91). YOU must activate what has already been established and given for it is an individual act and response to a GOOD, GOOD Father who has done it all through Jesus Christ.

For when God sees Jesus’s blood the death angel will Passover you and yours. TAKE TIME TO read the whole chapter of Exodus 12 with your family. Trace Jesus Christ of Nazareth footsteps (through the books of his apostles) to the cross and his resurrection (for HE IS NOT DEAD, HE IS STILL ALIVE, AND IS OUR HIGH PRIEST INTERCEDING FOR US RIGHT NOW).We must never forget what he did and has done for us (those who have believed and received him). For we are in the Kingdom of God and reconciled back to God and sealed with the Holy Ghost.

For those who are still outside of the Kingdom of God; ones that have not chosen (No choice Is a choice) to believe and receive your redemption (already done, just receive it) back to God by not repenting and asking Jesus Christ (THE door and THE Key into the Kingdom of God) into your heart. DO SO THIS DAY, FOR THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. We all need the blood of Jesus Christ to speak on our behalf for salvation, protection, and healing in these last and evil days. Glory to GOD!! Amen and Amen.

Dear Jesus,

I repent and ask forgiveness of my sins. I believe that you shed your blood and died on the cross for me. I believe that you arose out of the grave and are interceding on my behalf. Come into my heart and set me free from all bondages, sickness and diseases and attacks of the enemy. Please fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I can grasp and understand what you have already done for me as I read and apply your words in the Holy Bible. Order my footsteps as I follow yours, this I pray in your precious name, In Jesus Name Amen.

Praise God our Father for HIS Redemptive Plan to set Mankind free and back to him through Jesus Christ Amen and Amen!!!


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