The definition of science to me is Mankind’s explanation or discovery of what God has already created or done. This is what we are seeing in front of our eyes today with the charts, data collected, and projections. Even so we hear “We don’t know (if one is transparent and wise) or we have to wait and see, and must track and watch the results of this and that”.

We are part of a case study, experiments, researches, and history right now. How we respond, what we say, listen to instructions, or do it our own way will show up in data as the world walks out these crises (more than one).

We can surmise just by observation that the world is running derived from knowledge from previous or similar crises or events, lack of knowledge and lack of leadership in various arenas. The difference will come down to whom we believe or have faith in and the corresponding action one puts to it.

The blame of the wrong beliefs and corresponding actions along with decisions made from the pressure of the people or peers will become evidence and subjects to be discussed in generations to come (if the Lord does not come sooner).

The data collected and  results of experiments will be summarized in future medical journals and history books when we walk out of this. BUT right now (today) the world is perishing for the lack of knowledge and it is being proven fatal.

The Ones that know (fully persuaded) must direct and keep our minds, thoughts, and behavior set on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and what he has already done. Seeking his wisdom and knowledge to walk out what has been given to us already.

We must share what we know and has been proven through the Word of God, data collected from our own testimonies of his goodness and mercy, and the supernatural (normal to a child of God) acts performed by the Holy Spirit.

The world is seeking what we know, what we have seen, what we have heard from our Heavenly Father Our God,  and what Our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ has already done. Pray, pray, and pray. Intercede for others that the scales of their eyes fall off and finally see that ONLY the CREATOR of this earth, the universe, galaxies, and even the very smallest microscopic elements ALONG WITH HUMAN BEINGS THEMSELVES was created by GOD and he has control of all. SCIENCE, hmmm.

When we goggle or research the word science for instance in the Merriam Webster dictionary we find  the definition as such:

1the state of knowing knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding

2a: a department of systematized knowledge as an object of study

3a: knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through scientific method

b: such knowledge or such a system of knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena NATURAL SCIENCE

4: a system or method reconciling practical ends with scientific laws

Retrieved from

Interesting enough, similar words (or synonyms) for the word science are knowledge, lore, wisdom. ONE MUST SEEK, FIND, and BELIEVE THE CREATOR OF THE CREATION and not lean or depend on the world’s  understanding, the data they have collected and the name they call it, on what has already existed from the beginning of time.

It will take prayer and intercession after our repentance and changing our wicked ways (twisted and perverted thinking because we have perhaps been double minded or had chosen to mix some of  the world’s darkness. For some thoughts and ways (for perversion  comes from the ruler of darkness) crept in because watchmen were sleep and misguided intents were implemented into the Kingdom of God and has dimmed the of light of revelation.

We must hit our knees, drop our pride, and fear and ask for help to pull down the strongholds of our minds to move up and out into freedom that already belongs to the believer.

We are not victims nor slaves but VICTORS with weapons and the Holy Spirit will show us how to use them in this hour to stay free, become who GOD says we ARE, and finish our assignments. AMEN and Amen.

Sister Anna



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