WITH yet another holiday approaching in this year of 2020,  may we celebrate, share, and make memories with thanksgiving in our hearts. Love  on each other even if it may be a hug or kiss given via the internet, phone, or social distancing. Cherish the moments that we have been given as we take a deep breath in preparation for what is to come. Only God knows what that is, so take the time this holiday to share Jesus Christ and share with those who are seeking the ANSWER to their problems or issues.

While we are barbequing or eating our favorite dishes, go ahead and  sprinkle and season the occasion with the Love of God, His word, and the embracing arms of the Holy Spirit. Have listening ears and spiritual discernment for those who are seeking THE TRUTH. We must never assume they (we) know all that there is to know, we cannot be taught yet another lesson from God, nor think that God cannot use us.

All he needs is a willing vessel, will you be the one? Amen and Amen.

Have a blessed, SAFE, and great Holiday and do not forget to record new memories so they can be shared with others next year!   With MUCH love!!!


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