We have been given the opportunity to reach up higher and back to the higher state that existed before SIN entered the earth (Genesis 1-3). They were covered in the glory (not aware of their nakedness therefore their bodies were not a focus) and met with God in the cool of the day. The state where carnality, competition, jealousy, and murder did not rule in the land and Family was a priority.

The challenge is to be so into God as our Father, Jesus Christ as our savior, healer and deliverer, and the Holy Spirit as our guide, counselor, and helper; that our differences in humanity (temporary tents) do not override our new birth from darkness into light. Growing up into CHRIST Jesus requires us to surrender to God’s ways of doing things on this earth and aligning our thoughts with HIS.

The higher state focuses on hearing and obeying what has been spoken by our Father and the ability to accomplish it through what Jesus Christ has already done and the power of the Holy Spirit. In this higher state we believe, walk, and love standing on Kingdom principles and promoting HIS kingdom and not agreeing with worldly perspectives and influences of the ruler of the lower state (darkness).

For only in the higher state can one recognize the plot(s) of the enemy to divide, subtract and to kill, steal, and destroy and are given the wisdom to address them.  WE CAN NOT AFFORD TO BE DISTRACTED; WE MUST STAY SOBER AND ALERT, AND LOVE EACH OTHER WHILE WALKING IN UNITY.  PRAY, FORGIVE, REPENT, AND LOVE. Amen and amen.

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