UNFORGIVENESS 7/18/2020 10:00 am

Unforgiveness will hinder our prayers and blocks the anointing. If God says forgive then do just that for it is a choice not a feeling. Set yourself free. Stop carrying the bondage and feeding off of it. Let it go, change your thoughts about the words or deeds  that hurt, shamed, stifled your progress into your destiny and purpose with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Apology to whomever for whatever, for in a time like this WE ALL need to be free to hear God’s next instructions and if one is stuck the ears may be deaf and the results may be dumb. Thinking you are doing Right but are wrong as the destruction that is hindering you from being GREAT.

Go ahead and decide to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Set yourself and someone else free.

– Parents forgive your parents. For they did the best they could with what they had and perhaps were victims themselves with no understanding of the power of God in their life.

-Children forgive your parents, for the same could be true and unfortunately may have been pass on to you, and if you do not forgive and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit, it will continue on to your children. Lord forbid!

-Husband forgive you wives, wives forgive your husbands. Ask for help spiritually and mentally to identify the lie(s) sent to destroy and gain understanding of the part you played. For we must walk as a team and not allow the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy relationships and families.

The plot of the enemy is to have many so focused on the wrong doings by whomever that we do not communicate and change for the better. Our children see the disconnect and have to choose one or the another or neither. The most important relationship we will ever have is with and through God.

-Sisters and brothers in the natural and spiritual forgive one another and move on. Stop it, do not continue the madness from previous generations and start a brand-new outlook with the Love of God in your heart and mind towards each other to be GREAT.

Allow the Heavenly Father to use your former pains, hurts, shame, and guilt as a testimony (forgiveness removes the sting, breaks patterns and strongholds) to set someone else free. For it is not all about ME in the KINGDOM OF GOD, it is about US, the body of Christ walking in unity, in faith, in love so that the world has EVIDENCE.  EVIDENCE THAT GOD IS REAL!

We are been translated into the kingdom of his dear son, and this crisis is revealing where OUR hearts and minds are. Where is our focus? On the world and what they are doing (sinners will sin), our feelings and emotions (soulish area, carnality)?   Is their HYPROCISY in the church, perhaps this crisis is giving us the opportunity to re-examine ourselves (thoughts, words, and deeds).

We can’t afford to be distracted in this hour. We all must CHANGE for the better so the world can see the Glory of God. For only when they see the glory will a CHANGE COME!!!

Hmm, we want to change history but that is already done, but we can only change our present and future by a mind and heart that has been changed by GOD and HIS story. Pray for one another!

Sister Anna

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