THE New Beginning 8/4/2020

THE New Beginning not A beginning is from God through Jesus Christ. August is the month of new Beginnings for those who believe and receive it. We must start by putting God in his rightful place in our lives. Is he our LORD, our King? For if we are born again we are in the Kingdom of God and our walk and talk should line up with his Word. Walking in obedience, love, and faith (word in action) are basic principles in the Kingdom and Christ Jesus is our King.

It is not ethnicity, culture, denominations, or camps, it about JESUS for he is the “Good News” and nobody can enter the Kingdom without receiving him. John 14:6  says:

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth,  and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.

When one reads through the rest of the chapter, we see how we can glorify Jesus our king by believing on him and doing the greater works. He sent the promise of the Holy Spirit and is here on this earth through his believers to do the greater works.

We must speak more of our King (Christ Jesus) and the Holy Spirit who is our guide, keeper, reminder, and comforter.  He points us back to the Word of God and reminds us of what has been given to us.   He anoints and appoints so that we each can accomplish our assignments given by God.

We must choose to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth and lead us through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil.  To anoint us to accomplish what we were sent on this earth to do in the Kingdom of God.

Thank you Father, for your Living WORD and Holy Spirit for we must devour your way of doing things in the kingdom and saturate ourselves in your presence to stay focus in this hour. We are not alone and you promised never to leave us and give us peace that surpass understanding.

Thank you my King Jesus, for you have done it all and have passed the baton and are interceding for us to endure until. Precious Holy Spirit, thank you for  revealing our next steps in this month to further the Kingdom of God so others will come out of darkness into the marvelous light. We need your help for we have not been this way before. Amen and Amen.

Until next time,

Sister Anna

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