Walk in the Right Now

Walk in your RIGHT now because God holds your future. Our thoughts may go towards when I graduate, when I get this amount, when this person does this or that or worse when the government or my employer does that. But truthfully all we have is this hour or day and what we have in our hands at this moment; for the rest can change.

Case in evidence, reflecting on this year alone and what has transpired and will; many can not honestly say that they imagined the pain, loss, deaths, and changes the whole world has experienced. So we must take heed, choose to draw closer to God, listen and simply obey his instructions.

Prepare for tomorrow but don’t put off what he has asked you to do today. Reach out to others, share, give, love, and walk in faith daily. Change your perspectives, goals, and objectives to line up with his. For he is checking our hearts (unbelief and evil) and intents as to whether they are about him; or is one still walking in the lust of the flesh craving what one thinks the world can offer or trying to impress others.

For he is after the latter rain, the final harvest therefore his remnant and the body of Christ must be seeking and implementing HIS strategies in catching, cleaning, teaching, and training the fishes he directs to those who are prepared.

So, questions or challenges that only we and God can answer; have we aligned our will up with God’s will? Have we made ourselves available for His use? Are we really really ready? Leaders have you prepared for the latter rain or are you still building your own kingdom or legacy? Are we about our Father God Business as Jesus Christ  demonstrated or our own businesses? Are we walking in balance or is everything out of order?  Hmmm, We must check our own heart, fruit, motives, and intents and change accordingly. Amen and amen.

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