What If Today was the day that Jesus Christ appeared in the sky as the Groom for his Bride? Will she (the chosen ones that endured until) be ready to leave this earth without hesitation and not look back? Will he find FAITH or will we all miss it because we are too preoccupied with what going on the earth (Colossians 3)?

Will we be :

–  so attached to the world’s systems,

– too involved in making plans for the future and need more time,

-planning marriages, events, and programs,

-in the middle of starting businesses,

– building an empire?

-or is one hoping everything will go back to normal?

The year of 2020, has turned all the kingdoms (financial, entertainment, education, politics, etc.) of this world upside down and requires every one of us:

– to make choices, receive and believe his son (the Living Word),

– draw closer to God,

– listen to his directions,

-stay attached to the  vine,

– remain in the secret place, and

-to keep our armor on.  

For the Word of God says this is the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24). Are we listening to God, or walking in unbelief? The Spirit of death has taken a toll in the whole world and thanks to technology; we can see with our own eyes and hear the despair and cries of the love ones left behind. While destructions of properties from storms, and the results of deceptions and lies continue to prevail upon mankind.

So, are we really, really, ready for the Return of the Lord? Have you made your reservation (it is your choice, no one can make it for you) on where you will spend eternity? Heaven or hell for there is NO middle ground? Have we repented for our sins (unbelief and disobedience) sincerely? Do you believe Jesus died and rose again? Are we walking in the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Light representing the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Body of Christ, are we praying as we are asked to (2 Chronicles 7:14), have we humbled ourselves, repented and turned from our wick ways? Are we sharing the good news and making disciples or trying to impress them and each other? Are you giving to those who don’t have or walking right passed them (Luke 10: 25-37)?


Father, we come to you in the name of Jesus, thanking you for your goodness and mercy. Thank you for protecting us and our love ones and helping us press towards the mark of your high calling.

We choose not to look back and ask for guidance in these last few days that you have given us to keep our eyes on you and obey your voice. We choose to let go of all of the NOUNS that have been sent to distract us and we set our eyes on things above. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that is guiding us as we keep out minds on you. With great anticipation and expectation we look forward to our King’s return!

Unbelievers, the year of 2020 alone has presented chaos, perversion, and wickedness; will you remain in the kingdom of darkness when God is calling you out of it? It is just making a sincere choice of receiving help from God through Jesus Christ. You make the first step toward him and he will meet you there, for he has need of you in this hour. You have a purpose and an assignment that only you can do for him, don’t miss it.


Dear Jesus, I believe that you died and rose again for me and ask for forgiveness of my sins. I repent and ask for the gift of your Holy Spirit that is available to guide and teach me the things I need to know in these last days. Thank you for saving, healing, and delivering me from all darkness. Open my eyes of understanding of what you have ALREADY DONE and the wisdom to walk in it. In Jesus name Amen.

Congratulations, the angels are rejoicing. Get yourself a bible and ask for spiritual leadership that have eyes to see and ears to hear God. Amen.

What If Today was the Day!

Sister Anna

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