God’s thoughts and ways are higher than our thoughts and ways and he knows the beginning and the end. Nothing is a surprise to him and many things have to be done to fulfill the scriptures already written and can not be changed. We must TRUST and REST in him- and PREPARE for yet another wave are you ready.

God has always been about people and a family and this year was an opportunity to look within and around in order to repent, adjust, and align our thoughts and ways with HIS. Families were pushed together to re-acquaint, re-establish, re-organize, and re-evaluate themselves first as individuals and then as an unit. How far have we ventured into the world system and its ways and neglected the family unit or place other nouns above the real support? Or worse discovered the real support is outside the home or so it appears.

Have we allowed outside Nouns to totally influenced our homes, thoughts, and behaviors? Are we different people than the ones the family knows? Did everyone and everything look better than what or who was waiting or meeting at home? Could this year have been a year to define FAMILY and relationships?

Leaders, one has been given the privilege to guide, teach, train after we have allowed God through his Word, Jesus’ example, and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Have we humbled ourselves, repented from our wicked ways and prayed for guidance?

For only God’s Love, grace and mercy has brought us through this far and wisdom, discernment, and double anointings are needed to lead in this hour. Ask for them. Are we really ready for the shift that has already taken place? For we will experience a flood of people in our territories that will required us to be totally led by the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the power and Love of God. Are we really really ready? Truthfully, God is the only one that can answer the question and discernment is not necessary to see how the world has become darker and darker.

We must walk together as one as one body under OUR head Jesus Christ following his lead in order to accomplish our assignment and purpose. Pray and love one another for eyes will see and ears will hear what we have not seen or heard… we thought this year was a wow, we have not seen nothing yet for the CRACKIN (the evil one) has been turned loose full force on the whole world (mankind) to promote more darkness and deception. Will mankind cry out for GOD, run into Jesus Christ’ arms, and align their thoughts and ways with God’s ways and thoughts? Have we done the same?


Father, we come to you in Jesus’ name crying out for HELP in this hour, we Thank you for your love, protection, and wisdom. We need help to see through your eyes and hear your voice more clearer so we can align our thoughts and ways with yours.

Thank you for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and courage to follow his directives. Help us to adhere to your Word and be examples as we follow Jesus Christ our example and not be distracted by the horrors that we will see and hear.

Help us to discern what or who is for You or the Evil ones sent to kill, steal, and destroy. Help us to reach those who you have assigned to us, as we call them from the north, south, east, and west into the Kingdom of God for you are about souls and more souls (Family). Father, We declare we are who You say WE ARE and CAN DO what you say we can do as we lean, trust and cling to  you and you alone. BE GLORIFIED THROUGH US as we walk in faith, Love, and OBEDIANCE.


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