ALL of mankind must repent for making NOUNS their GOD but more importantly The Body of Christ must repent for not standing up, not showing forth the glory of God, and not being  a true representation of the Kingdom of God. One can not look at those who don’t know him and shake our heads and look  down our noses at them (sinners, children of disobedience) when HIS own (those who claim to love him) are not speaking, walking, and demonstrating him (Love) and his power.

Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

The Body of Christ and the Remnant are asked to first humble themselves (surrender and yield to the voice of God and his plan). Humble to many is just as a bad word as OBEY and many have struggled with just the first step and have tried to skip it and pray and pray (which hits the ceiling) for one has not position themselves properly.

For humbling oneself is like physically bowing or lying prostrate before the King and giving your full attention to hear his voice. Praying is communicating with God through words from your spirit for it is a spirit-to-Spirit interaction where one listens and commune with God. Seeking God’s face (not his hands for that is automatic) is developing the relationship he so desires with his children which requires fellowship and results in growth.

For those three steps has shifted the believer into the Presence of God and your spirit and soul are engaging with the One True God who has much to say and deposit, especially in this hour.

So after humbling (positioning) oneself,

-praying (communing with him),

-seeking his face (praising, worshiping, and glorifying him), then

-repenting becomes necessary for one has been in the presence of Holiness and the Holy Spirit reveals our unbelief, disobedience, weaknesses, and hindrances; as well as his everlasting Love and the good plans he has for us.

Healing and forgiveness takes place as the results and begins on the inside of us first (His Body and our individual soul and body). It is imperative  in this hour that we position ourselves so that we can have clean hands and pure hearts and be prepared to be used by him. For there are many souls that are crying out for HIM and he wants to use the Body of Christ to gather the latter rain and bring in the harvest.

The World

For those who do not know God, but know that there has to be One; must also humble themselves when the Holy Spirit pricks your heart. For in this year alone, one have seen with their eyes and heard with their ears the chaos, dysfunctionality of the systems in the world, and even the constant revealing of evil hearts demonstrated every day. The Nouns that one depended on like the security of jobs, programs in the government, the health system, changes in the education system, and others have failed and are overwhelmed. All of our lives have changed and has require adjustments, re-evaluations, and a different perspective.

The difference between the believers and unbelievers is that believers at one point in their lives made a choice to believe and receive Jesus Christ as their savior and their lives shifted out of one kingdom (darkness, blind, lies) into the Kingdom of God (Light, revelation, Truth).

The Good News is that You can do the same thing right now by faith by asking Jesus Christ into your heart believing that he will. Repenting from your sins (unbelief and disobedience) and humbling yourself so that you can have all that belongs to you. You can not  continue to walk on this chaotic, dark earth and be whole without him for he is a believer’s savior, healer, and deliverer who gives them the courage, strength, peace, wisdom, provision, and LOVE for he is Love.

 Pray, for he hears a sincere sinner’s prayer and knows your name and is beckoning you to come Now! We are all saved by grace not by works, but we serve because of our Love for our Savior. Do not wait, do not hesitate, come now, pray now, surrender now, for if you could figure it all out; you would have done it.

We know not what next hour, day, nor year will present us with but we all need to be in the right kingdom and abiding under the shadow of the almighty. Answer the call and put yourself in the right position to receive all that God has for YOU. Ask for leadership that will assist in your growth and development into a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ and then tell someone else about the Good News before it is too late. Amen.

Sister Anna

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