Open our Ears and Eyes Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that those who see or hear this message will hear your voice and see you, for you are the Only one that can save, heal, and deliver mankind from their sins. Unbelief and disobedience are sins that open doors and windows further into darkness and away from you.

Remove every doubt and help their unbelief for you are calling their name out of chaos, darkness, hopelessness, fear, pride, and doubt. Everything they believed has been shaken and they don’t know who to trust or what to believe.

As they humble themselves to read or listen to this pray; may they experience your tangible presence for you are Love and want them to sense that you are there for them. For you know their names, who they are, what they have done or doing AND still love them unconditionally.

It matters not what ethnicity, creed, nation, nor country they reside in for you are the great I AM that I AM over every human being on this planet. It matters not to you what language they speak, nor  what culture they were raised in for you are creator of all things.

It matters not to you whether they are male or female, young or seasoned, tall, or short, plump, or thin; your love penetrates all things and you are after our hearts. Reveal to all how much you care for each and everyone of us and if one simply reaches out to you with a sincere heart and repent; you will answer their call for help.

We all need help and you have provided that help to anyone that reaches out to you through your son, Jesus Christ. You sent him here and he is the answer that mankind is seeking. Open our eyes that we may see the real truth, open our ears that we may hear your voice only, help us in this moment to open our hearts one more time to You. Let all know that you are not a man and you can not lie.

You created this earth, the moon, sun, and stars, and not one human being on this planet can claim that. You created the very air we breath and the lungs that receive it. You created our magnificent and wonderfully made bodies and the systems that operate them without even our thoughts. You created the oceans, seas,  mountains, trees, and animals that we see every day and they all function at your command.  Help all to see you , the wonders and works of your hands. For it’s your “Word” that makes the earth, planets, all the galaxies and the entire universe function. Help us to grasp and receive YOU. For without you, we have no real purpose, assignment or meaning. For you create us not us ourselves.

We ask for forgiveness, as we humble ourselves before you and repent for making ourselves gods and demanding the world listen and bow to us. Hear our sincere cry and intervene in our lives so that we can walk in our purpose and fulfill our assignments that you have given each human being on this planet.

Remove the scales from the eyes of our mind that has blinded us from the truth and enticed us by traps, deceptions, illusions, and devices of the enemy of all mankind. We lift our eyes, hands, arms to you as a little child beckoning the mother or father to pick them up to protect and nurture them.

For so many things have occurred this year we have seen darkness become worse and worse and even the light has been clouded over and hidden because of fear or pride or both. Hear the cries for you and you alone, see the longing for the truth from those who are seeking you.

Dear Jesus,

You are Lord and King over all that has asked you into their hearts and have given us all that we need in this hour; help us not to miss our purpose and assignments because of fear and pride. For you have not given us a spirit of FEAR, but power, love, and a sound mind. You have encourage us to be strong and courageous in this hour and promised to never leave or forsake us.

Open our eyes of understanding and give us ears to only hear your voice so that we may discern what and who is of you and not sent by the evil one. Help us to realize that we must obey your voice and to walk in unity in order to stay under your protection and accomplish the assignments you have given us. Forgive us for allowing the world into your house (we are your house) and drawn our souls from your Word and presence. Thank you for your protection, your guidance, and everlasting love for there is work yet to be done.

Help us to use our weapons, authority, and wisdom that you have given us in this hour as we are led by the Holy Spirit. For you are requiring us to grow up and get to work expressing the love of God and demonstrating His power as you did when you were on earth.

Prepare us for the next….the next wave, the next WOW, the next diabolic move, the next revival. Help us to keep looking up and forward and not allow ourselves to be distracted. For only you know what is ahead and we can only depend and trust you.

Thank you for your love, mercy, grace and keeping power in this hour and for those that don’t know you send us across their path with your words in our mouth and love for them in our hearts.  Amen and Amen.

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