Reflections of 2020

As we reflect over this year of 2020 may we give God thanks and glory for his mercy and grace for keeping us. May we praise and give him glory for his protection over us and our love ones. While we all have experienced some ups, downs, losses, disappointments, and our eyes have seen things we have never seen before; some can say “we made it to the other side”. The other side means that God gave us enough strength to move away from the voice of darkness that wanted us to stop and stay there. We thank you Father for all you have done for us.

However, so many others are struggling and need help from God through our prayers and intercession to make it to the other side. We should make ourselves available when one asks for help. This upcoming year will require even more prayer for ourselves and others for 2020 was to wake us up for the next. The next will be darker and the world will need to the see the Light.

Light reveals truth and exposes darkness. Those who have believed and received Jesus Christ (The Light), have been identified with him through baptism, and received his Holy Spirit with evidence are lights. One must make sure there is no blockages or hindrances to prevent the light to shine from within.

May our goals and objectives be to get closer and closer to God by becoming one and gaining  understanding of his plans for us and not our own. To lift up his name and not our own. To give him all the glory and not ourselves. To walk in unity and not selfishness. Share what he has given with others that are seeking him.

May we communicate, strengthen, and become more committed to our families and love ones and express the love of God and HIS kingdom as we walk in love and transparency. For they will need to know about the goodness and mercy of God in this upcoming year and beyond more than ever. May their eyes be opened to see the truth and receive the freedom that is available to them. Pray, pray, and pray some more for God knows what is coming and this year was for preparation. Amen and amen.

May we enter 2021 with joy, gratefulness, and high anticipation for the good plans he has for those who love him. As we press toward his higher calling; may we walk in faith and in love so that our light will shine and be seen so that someone can find the door out of darkness into the marvelous light. Amen and amen.

Staying in that vein, where our thoughts line up with God’s thoughts and being surrendered to his ways; May we wish all an HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS YEAR with great expectation in our hearts that God will be glorified on earth and his Will be done. Amen and Amen.

Much love, Sister Anna.

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