Stop and ACCEPT the NEW

We must stop digging in old wells and shift into new locations…stop fishing with a fishing pole and use a net….stop using a tattered fishing net and get a new one that has a GPS installed on it (fisher of mankind)…stop fishing on the same side and cast our nets on the other side. We must step out of the boat and not look back or around  us but just keep our eyes focused on JESUS CHRIST.

We must stop looking and walking in the past for history is history. Walk in the present, day to day by seeking,  researching, and learning in the vein or path that God is leading. For he is revealing new things and releasing new revelations through the Holy Spirt that you and others will NEED TOMORROW AND UNTIL…. WE MUST NOT MISS THEM.

We must not struggle with the new, unfamiliarity, uncertainty, fear, or pride but TRUST and lean not to our own understanding but surrender to the leading of the Holy Spirit in this hour.  As we repent, humble, and pray for one another daily; look with great expectation and excitement and watch the world (mankind) for this time many will FINALLY experience LOVE in so many different ways.

Isaiah Chapter 43 *18,19; Philippians 3: 13,14 Proverbs 3: 5-8

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