The Greatest Love of All

The GREATEST LOVE OF ALL is GOD’s love for each human being on this planet. HE is LOVE…remove him out of any and all situations opens the door to DARKNESS, HATRED, SELFISHNESS, MURDER, and the rest of the  fruit of the FLESH. HIS LOVE for all mankind is higher than earthly Love that can easily be based on the conditions of yours or another person’s mind at a particular moment of time.

HIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL BUT requires one to believe and receive him…He is LOVE. The world is missing HIM and thus suffering the consequences right now. He longs for us to embrace him and allow him to change our stony hearts. We must allow him to change our heart, mind (thoughts), behaviors, and how we treat each other.

Believe and Receive Him by receiving the greatest GIFT one could ever receive and that is HIS SON. For Love gives and he gave the world the answer to every problem an human being can possibly encounter. He can change one’s perspective, give wisdom to apply knowledge while he nurtures and protects his very own. You become a member of HIS family and he is a good, good FATHER. He is not mad but perhaps disappointed or sadden as a father or mother would be with a child that disobeys a directive or instructions.  While the child may see it as an restriction or an hindrance; a good parent‘s motive is of prevention of harm or loss, or even worse, life or death.

Belief and Trust in our lives has been so  misused  that one tends to believe only what they think, can produce, or their own experiences which leaves GOD out of the picture. Unbelief and mistrust are tactics of the enemy and can block or hinder what God has for us. Believe it or not we all have the same enemy and it is not each other; for it uses anyone that allows him because of a lack of  knowledge.

We all need LOVE and HE is still available; receive Him and allow HIM to change our lives daily. For those who know him, allow him to restore, revive, replenish after repenting for our unbelief, mistrust, and doing it our way. We must Pray for our love ones that can’t see the TRUTH because the enemy has blinded them and they can’t hear because their ears are tuned to sounds and images of this world and  seeking fleshly rewards. Just like we did before we surrender to his voice and his Love for he loves us so much.

 For we must repent for own unbelief and mistrust in God and His ways. Ask for forgiveness of our own words or behavior that were displayed because of ignorance or selfishness.  We must be transparent and ready to share our testimonies of how we were rescued, protected, and finally awoken to the Love of God. Pray for the proper timing, and God’s words to become ministers of reconciliation.  Our family, friends, and everyone in our community need to hear about the Love God.

Those who are seeking LOVE and expecting to receive LOVE through a NOUN ( person, place, or thing); STOP and ask LOVE to come into your heart by believing and receiving HIS GIFT to all mankind not a selected few. Repent, Ask for forgiveness and help for he already knows who you are and is ready to receive you.

Believing and Receiving HIM (GOD) by asking his SON Jesus Christ into your heart, means you will NEVER BE ALONE AGAIN and you will always have someone that has your best interest in mind and good plans for you. Believing and Receiving what is already there for you are the first steps and is only a few words away…take them…speak them and change your entire life…walk into your NEW BEGINNING. It’s a LOVE THING…don’t miss it. Amen and Amen.

John 3:16, Galatians 5:19-26,  2 Corinthians 4:4, 1 John 2:11-17,  1 John (all chapters* 4:8, Romans 8:28-39, Romans 10:8-17, search and study the NEW Testament to discover how much GOD LOVES US!

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