Dear Heavenly Father, we repent for not coming to you first in all aspects of our lives and not developing our relationship with you daily. For you long for our attention, our conversations, and total presence as your children. We repent for our wicked ways, for not acknowledging you in all our ways, for  not praying for others when your Holy Spirit nudged us to do so, for not walking in humility and not including you in our daily decisions of our lives.

 Forgive us for being occupied with what the world is saying and doing and being caught up with what others think. We thank you for our deliverance and know it is a daily walk to not be distracted. For we must cling to you and walk out what your Living Word says while being led by your Holy Spirit daily.  

Dearest Jesus Christ, Thank you for your obedience and rescuing us from evil and darkness. Thank you for lightening up the narrow path in which we are to follow. Thank you for being the only example and sacrifice that is required for salvation. For by believing and receiving You as our Lord and Savior has given us access to your Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. We repent for putting you second, third, and or last. We repent for listening to the world and follow their ways instead of clinging to you and what already belong to us. We ask for forgiveness and repent as we walk daily towards the Truth and your Way of doing things instead of leaning to our and everyone else’s understanding and the world’s way.

Oh Holy Spirit, We thank you for your guidance, your wisdom, and always reminding us of WHO we are IN CHRIST, WHAT we have because of whose we are and what has already been done, and HOW to use what has already been given. We need you daily in our lives to remind us that we have been set apart for our Father’s use to speak and walk out the assignment that has been given to us and the empowerment until Our King comes for us.

We Thank you for reminding us that it is already done and we have already won because our Lord and King has already won it for us. Help us to not allow the lies and deceptions of the enemy to steal the victory from us. We ask for your wisdom and guidance that we sorely need in this hour to walk daily in love, faith, and power. We Thank You for your protection that you provide as we stay in the secret place and we keep our mind stayed on Our Heavenly Father’s Love and what our Lord and King has already done.

We declare and decree we have what has been given by the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ and the power to accomplish all that we are sent to do on this earth. May all that are seeking the TRUTH receive by asking our Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts by simply believing that he has already paid the price. By continuing their pursuit out of darkness into the marvelous light of revelation by being led by the Holy Spirit who give us understanding; for there is but a short time to believe, receive, and walk out what was already predestined for each one of us.

We pray and intercede for our families, love ones, friends, strangers, neighbors near and far that they hear your voice and believe what they hear. With hearing ears and open hearts, they ask our Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts to receive their breakthroughs, healings, deliverances, strength, and wisdom that is needed in this hour. There is so much you want to reveal to us, so much wisdom and discernment to impart to us, to give strength for endurance until you come for us. We ask for HELP to remain steadfast IN YOU. Father, we ask that not one assigned to us to reach is left behind and that they love and seek YOU with all their heart, mind, soul as we love one another. For you have asked to do so and to walk in unity.

We pray for those who are sick (physically and mentally) and are crying out for help. Send one of your true believers across their path to introduce them to the savior, healer, and deliverer. We pray for those who are being attacked in their soul (mind, emotion, and will) for deliverance and strength to cry out for help. We ask for wisdom and guidance for those who know you in each industry (kingdom) known to man and decree and declare they will put you FIRST and display your character and integrity to drawn them into the Kingdom of God.

We humble ourselves and repent for not lifting you up FIRST and standing on your Word; forgive us for not praying and  interceding after we have repented from our own unbelief and disobedience. Thank you for forgiving us as we daily seek you for strength and guidance for we have not walked this way in this hour surrounded by darkness before.

Thank you Heavenly Father for loving us so much that you came in the flesh and took a body and walked among as My Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill the scriptures, to pay the debt, and sat the captives free .You didn’t stop there, you sent the Holy Spirit to empower us, to guide us, to teach us and to train us to remain free and show others the WAY. YOU SAID, that you would never leave nor forsake us and you have given us all we need to accomplish our assignment in this short pocket of time that remains.

 We need your HELP  and ask that you heal our land as we humble ourselves and repent and  declare that we will give ALL the GLORY in advance. We walk in expectation and prepare for those who are and will be seeking YOU. For your Namesake show your mercy and grace toward mankind once again. In Jesus Name we pray…Amen and Amen.


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