THE LOST (Luke 15)

In this chapter, three different parables were given about the lost:, a person, a coin, and a son and in all three rejoicing took place. In verses 1-7 we see in the 7th verse:

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

Sinner? I haven’t done anything wrong. I am just trying to live and take care of my own. Unbelief, disobedience, not acknowledging and receive GOD through JESUS CHRIST is sin (missing the mark). What is the mark, eternal life (forever and ever) with God opposed to living eternity with Satan.

Repentance is changing your mind and going the opposite way, instead of our way, doing things God’s way. The sin of unbelief has been rectified by asking for forgiveness because one lacked knowledge or understanding. He has resolved the SIN issue and once one has received Jesus Christ the responsibility of not practicing sin becomes our own. Even in that he has given us a helper to guide and lead us through the wilderness (this world). He is the solution to the Sin problem.

For there is only ONE WAY to God and that is through his son who was sacrificed for every human being. He opens blind eyes and unclogs ears both naturally and spiritually and it is according to your faith. Everyone is given a measure of faith and it requires action to implement or execute it. It is an individual thing and no one can do it for you.

God is about souls, souls, and more souls. Those who know God and his love for his children should share testimonies and listen attentively to the lost and hurt to seize the opportunity to BE an example and an ambassador for Christ.

Those who don’t know God through his son Jesus Christ and what he has already done for you; should seize the opportunity to receive eternal life, forgiveness, empowerment, and True Love.

It is a choice, a simple sincerely confession (forgiveness and repentance) believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross for everyone sins; and the story does not end there. He was buried and rose from the grave to redeem us (the door back into relationship with God), to established a New covenant (his blood), and to express the love of God while being an example for those who pursues the revelation of the  Kingdom of God.

It is a supernatural and LOVE thing….receive LOVE today, don’t hesitate, for in this dark, cold, cutthroat, evil, perverted, lustful, hateful world every human being needs help (salvation, healing, and deliverance).

Time is shorter and every day delivers more uncertainty and one MUST be wise and even wiser in the things of God and making decisions.  No one should put off what can be done in minutes.

Reach out for the help that is available…don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. It is an one-on-one personal decision and relationship. GOD is the only one that knows YOU and is beckoning you to come to him so he can forgive, free, lead, and guide you through this dark heartless world. Come out of the chaos, confusion, unbelief, who can I really trust, perverted world by reaching out for THE TRUTH and the Only One you can TRUST. Amen and Amen.

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