The most important decision an human being can make Is where one will live in eternity and with whom. For our present life on this earth is a temporary stop and on this journey every decision made has corresponding actions. God’s grace and mercy saves and protects us as we daily grow either closer or further away from him. It gives one an opportunity to repent when one discovers their choices or decisions has led them off the path originally carved out for them since the beginning of time.

Yes, our life’s journey is composed of daily steps toward our growth and development both in the natural and spiritual. Day by day, we discover if one is seeking that more and more elements and components of our life cycle were already designed and occurs without any thought or decision.

Thank God, for if we were left on our own, we would miss a breath, skip a heartbeat, forget to lift our arm, move our leg, and never make it out of the bed because we could not coordinate every system in our physical bodies to move in unison. Perfect example and a miracle every time is when a child is born and truthfully the bodies, their responses, when the seed and egg meets (reproductive system) and automatically does what it was designed to do without a thought and intervention even in animals.

Likewise every cell, bone, muscle, system, and organ does exactly what it is designed by God to do without our assistance. However, what our 5 senses (see, hear, touch, smell, and taste) shapes and molds our database (soul = our mind, emotions, and will) and will influence what we think, speak, and how we behave in our daily lives as we grow and develop. We human beings mistakenly believe our own intelligence and experiences made us who we are and ignore GOD  who is creator of all things.

Our choices (will) are not automatic, we make them many times a day based on what is in our database and what one believes at that moment.  Every choice has a consequence or produces a product or fruit, good or bad .

God gives us free will to choose including the choice of returning back to him like a prodigal son or to choose to spend eternity with his enemy, the liar, deceiver, and ruler of darkness. By not choosing one has made a choice. Choose God by receiving his dear son who has already left a path to follow and grow up IN Christ for is the example to follow.

Seek and choose him (God though Jesus Christ) for there is Only One Way to God, its not by works you are saved it is by grace. One can not buy their way, perform good activities and deeds, or just be kind to some in exchange for salvation. It is a choice and every individual must make that CHOICE to believe and receive Jesus Christ. Take this moment (if you have not sincerely done so) to choose him and put corresponding action (a developing faith and growth In God and his ways of doing things on the path of understanding and wisdom) to your decision, do it TODAY.

Transparency, checking one’s own fruit, repenting, and asking for forgiveness could very well become our breakthrough, freedom, our healing, one’s deliverance, the New Beginning or our first step into our promised land OR ALL OF THE ABOVE. We must not delay or put off making the choice to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior (if you have not done so) and do our spring cleaning so we can be prepared to be used by Our Father for he is doing a New thing. We must be sober and alert to do our part or give our portion so others can come into and seek The Kingdom of God.  AMEN and Amen.

Scriptures:  Deuteronomy 30:19, Joshua 24:15; Hebrews 3, 4;  Luke 15; Isaiah 43:19

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