HIGH ALERT!!! (March 6, 2021)

As an Amber Alert is sent so is this HIGH ALERT being sent to the people of God especially the remnant whom have been prepared to war in the spirit. Find your spot Today and Tomorrow and PRAY in the SPIRIT ONLY for a BATTLE CRY has been called and a Trumpet has been blown.

Do it as often as HE (Holy Spirit) Prompts you to, for it is not business as usual. Go in worshipping as you are applying the blood of the lamb on you, your love ones, those in your territories, and all that belongs to you. For the enemy has even attacked the minds of his people and they now cry out for help and move cautiously with doubt and hesitancy. Take out your sword (sword the Spirit, Word) and cut off the heads and hands of the lying, fear, pride, witchcraft, and wicked (twisted) spirits.

Send the Holy Ghost FIRE to burn every bridge of strongholds that has hindered and blocked journeys and destinies for generations.

Sever the stronghold of this generation strategically sent and executed by the prince of the air (enemy) that has attempted to saturates our mind and the minds of our children, grandchildren, family members and those in our territories.

For we presently see the results of corrupted seeds sown and the production of more seeds of their kind throughout the entire world. Ones of fear, pride, manipulation, witchcraft and more for flesh stinketh in the nostrils of God.

As Moses instructed to the children of Israel, apply the blood of the Lamb, (Jesus is our lamb that was sacrificed for mankind) upon their doorposts, their eye and ear gates. Pray against and for what the Holy Spirit reveals until He releases you.

For this urgent call could be the breakthrough and answer to those who have cried out for help the only way they know how.

Ran as Aaron in the midst and before the people with the bowl of incense and smoke from the altar of the Holy of Holiest to stay the plague and the corruption. As Joshua instructed his army march around six times in silence and the seventh time shout to knock down the walls of Jericho. Let us partner with God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and his Holy Spirit to do our part on earth.

PRAY NOW, in Jesus Name!! Those who have spiritual ears to hear may they respond (put action to it) in obedience. Pray for one another continuously in this hour, in Jesus Name. Amen and Amen.

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