The Final Hour

The last Days and the Year 2020 (8/10/2020) 10 am

The last days have been prophesized in scriptures in both the old and new testaments. Some like  Matthew 24 (beginning of sorrows), Romans 1 (corrupt behaviors),  and in the Revelations of Jesus Christ (churches, world, plagues, satan and the end of time).

Decades ago, the Lord God has spoken to HIS to share the warning and to prepare for this hour and some believe and receive it. We are in the last days and most of the world was not prepared neither the CHURCH in the scope and magnitude of its effect on  mankind everywhere.

Year of 2020


The world as we have known it has shut down. We are in the last days that were spoken about in the Bible. Our eyes and ears are seeing and hearing what we have not seen or heard before. Every nation, country, state, city, and town is being affected in some way by darkness. Whether, it be viruses, diseases, floods, earthquakes, locusts outbreaks, killings, murders, suicides, or the attacks on the soul (mind, emotions, and will) of the people on this planet.

We have protests of all kinds in nations and countries with people marching and demonstrating in the street for  what they deem is right and justice. We see evil and cold hearts without compassion and empathy as well as missionaries (nurses, doctors, healthcare servers giving their all including their lives to serve the ones in their territories.

We see more disobedience than obedience of safety rules assigned to a real or what some view as unreal perspective and standing with their beliefs. We see leaders who really don’t know what to do next, bickering back and forth with each other without true leadership and authority.

We also view the suffering of humanity and the cries and moaning of those who have lost love ones to viruses and diseases without the opportunity to say goodbye.

But most importantly we see the giants of FEAR and PRIDE in the land and the eyes of people who helplessly are living from day to day in uncertainty. Some walking like zombies in shock for the world was not prepared. Every industry from health, entertainment, sports, education, financial, and political have been touched and turned upside down.

The mentality of people is demonstrated in their daily lives in words and behavior by fear, frustration, anxiety, stress, and hopelessness. Many are bewildered and overwhelmed but have HIDDEN their true reactions with fake responses when in public but crawl up in a ball when they reach home or are finally alone. Thoughts of what happened, where are the leaders, why the government is doing or not doing this or that, where do  I get help food, water, a job, how do I pay my bills and rent?

Everything that can has gone digital; entertainment, communications, businesses, influencers, including health care which means electricity and the power of the air has the lifeline of many. UH, OH!

Where are the leaders on every level in all industries, are they walking like zombies trying to find their legs, voice, and direction? Are they being mediators, counselors, and paving the way or are they watching more TV and social media than the people in their communities?

WE ARE ALL (every human being on this planet) being challenged to wake up and come out. What do you believe, who are you listening to, who do you trust, who are you helping, who and what are you giving, what are you speaking and doing?

In these last days and while we are in this crisis and preparing for the next one; one has to evaluate, and re-assess what they are seeing, hearing, thinking, speaking, and doing.

It starts with each one of us and being honest and transparent. What do you know and what are you standing on? Are you seeking and reaching out for more of the truth (only through God) or waiting for us to get back to normal?

Interesting enough the world (mankind) believes they have the answer but conclude every attempt with we don’t know. Let us try this and wait and see how that works and we (mankind) are becoming case studies where data is being collected and reviewed to develop strategies for day to day application and operation.

THE TRUTH is the world has worship every NOUN but God including themselves. Now is the time to repent (change your thoughts and your ways) and ask for forgiveness and guidance.

They (mankind) are in darkness  with no understanding that they are there because of ignorance or blindness to the Truth. They only seek God when nothing else works out through desperation. Seeking an unknown God to them, for they are  walking in unbelief and disobedience (Sin). 

GOOD NEWS: This is the time to seek him, the One and True Living God through Jesus Christ his son and his kingdom. Pray Sincerely out loud (words have power) and believing he heard you, receive him and all that belongs to you.

THE CHURCH (Body of Christ, the Remnant)

Where are we, for we have the Answer to the problem which is sin? Are our hands clean (from corrupt words and behavior) and do we have pure heart? Are we speaking to a dying world, are we ministering to our own families, communities, and territories?

 God has shut down the building but are we hearing and listening to his voice or trying to get back to our normal? Are we comforting ourselves, teaching, and encouraging one another in our camps and not reaching out to  the lost?

Is it about our services, our programs, and finances or is it about souls, the love of God in action, and promoting the Kingdom of God? Are we praising God only for our lives and  having basic needs met but walking around those who need help everywhere and not sharing (Good Samaritan)?

ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, REPENT, REPENT, AND REPENT!! For God has need of us to go into the highways and byways for the Harvest is ripe. The world needs to see demonstrations of power, hear the voice of God, and  feel the presence of God.



The Last Days

Yes, we are IN the last days and this is the beginning of sorrows but are we doing what he has asked us to do or are we trying to get back in our “normal” not understanding that he has shifted it. We are the Church and have been mobilized for we carry him (his word, his glory, and his presence) wherever we go.  So exactly, what are we carrying? The truth or our opinion, beliefs, and strategies or are we listening daily for our instructions FROM the Holy Spirit?

SOZO (nothing missing, no lacking, wholeness) includes deliverance from our ways instead of God ways. We must be willing to drop our agendas, our programs, our own strategies of how, with whom, and what. We should totally lean on the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to lead and guide us for we have not been this way before.

For the path has been paved before the beginning of time, we simply have to walk it out with what we have already been given and trust him into REST.

We must push unbelief, doubt, past negative experiences, and disobedience out with the help of the Holy Spirit. Clean our ears to hear his voice only, shift our eyes on him and above, and step out on what he has already planned for each one of us.

Do we believe what his written word and the Holy Spirit says or we seeking yet another sign? We must be walking in what we already know before he provides us with YET another step toward our promised land (territories he has given us).

Are we demonstrating the true characteristics of God displayed by Jesus Christ our Lord and King? Where is the power and changed lives? The world is seeking the Truth, The Real DEAL, and some of us know him while others never knew him only church activities (denominations) and never were taught the Word of God. We must step out into the freedom and protection that has been provided and work the WORD, demonstrate the Power, and express HIS Love.

We must GO, TELL, SHOW what we know to this dying world (dead without God) that is in chaos and darkness as we are led by HIS Holy Spirit. We are the light, no more hiding for the fear of retaliation for we are protected (Psalms 91).

Who and What do you BELIEVE ? We are being challenged but the battle is already won, and we know the VICTOR who has made us victorious.

Christ Jesus is looking for heavy-armed soldiers who know how to use their weapons to accomplish the assignment! NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND UP OR SHUT UP.  Now is the time to take the correction and keep on ticking, to walk out (HIS word) so it may be seen by those who are seeking HIM.

LET US Keep our eyes focused to  see him and ears tuned to hear God’s Voice!!! Amen and Amen.

Sister Anna with much Love to all

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