OH Heavenly Father, How You Love US So!!

Words can not express your Love for your children (those who have received your son, Jesus Christ),  how you protect, block, and hide most dangers from us. How you allow only those things that challenges our growth (whether we see it at the time or not) and the revelation of your everlasting love and presence comes our way as we mature naturally and spiritually. As we develop on this life journey and discover your magnificence, your loving kindness, your mercy and grace; one learns the Truth of the matter.

You sent us here made in your image and covered us (spirit) with flesh and placed us in a predestined womb in a predestined time, to walk a predestined path, gently guided by your Spirit. To discover our predestined assignment for the purpose of glorifying you and you alone.

This life journey has many hills, mountains, and valleys, all designed to kill our flesh, discover our true identity, and return home to your  loving arms. For from the beginning of OUR time, You’ve watched over each one of us day by day and you sent Angels to protect us along the way. To assist us in discovering the TRUTH from The lie and seeking THE LIGHT out of the darkness.

You allowed us to see the good, bad, and ugly and to discover your love as we are surrounded by darkness, perversion, and hatred. You mend our broken hearts and push us through our disappointments, mistakes, and oppressions with Fatherly Love. You overlooked our selfish and prideful (out of ignorance) ways during our learning process because you have seen the end of our story and know who are yours and their heart.

While we were blinded and led by our 5 senses you’ve protected us from harm as we developed our spiritual eyesight. As we are drawn to YOU, THE LIGHT in the darkness; you are our Ever present help in our time of need. For you walked along side us blocking the severity of the hits from snares, traps, and danger sent our way; as we each walk through our predestined paths while being unaware of some of the attacks of the enemy and the angels assigned to us to  protect us.

The patience you have shown in seasons past, the cloud by day and fire by night as we climbed mountains and slide down the other side is and was indicative of your matchless love for us, your children.

Now, the call, assignment, and purpose of your children; for the scales have fallen from their eyes, and their flesh has been crucified by choice is to raise up, stand up, and proclaim your goodness, mercy, and grace.

To declare and decree your Word, be examples as our Lord Jesus Christ did when he walked this earth. Become ministers and Ambassadors of the Kingdom of God to show forth  your Glory that this world so desperately needs.

For the time is shorten at each sunrise and we that know, trust and rest in only you. We must go about your business for there is No time to waste; we must GO about speaking, expecting,  proclaiming, and decreeing your Word and using our weapons. For you have given us all that we need to accomplished what you sent us here to do; we must believe and obey the instructions given so others will know of your goodness, mercy, and love.

Oh Heavenly Father, thank you for loving us so, for there is no other like you. Your love is unconditional and you are the only one that knows us; even what we will say before we say and do before we do it. But you love us anyway.   



Your Love, your love,

 only your Love will do

Your mercy, your grace,

so faithful and true


Your Love, your love no other will do,

No one or No Thing will take the place of you.

You sent your son because you love us so,

He died and rose so others would know,

                             Repeat Chorus

You sent His Spirit to show us the way,

To guide us, and lead us from day to day,

                             Repeat Chorus

Adams 2004

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