We the people called by HIS name have been given the authority to use his son’s name (Jesus) and our Father’s Word to come against everything that does not line up with his Word. Believing as we are speaking and sending his Word (Light) will pierce the darkness. LET LIGHT BE …SEND INTO THE DARKNESS…BE THE LIGHTHOUSE!!

What we see and hear is coming from darkness as we know; however we fight the good fight of FAITH using our weapons in the spiritual realm not in the natural. For it  is not by might, not by power but by His Holy Spirit and are not fighting mankind. The battle has already been won by our Savior and soon coming King. We are to stand and release the power of God aimed at the enemy not each other.

Waling in faith, Love, and the Holy Spirit; we must come together in unity and prayer to change the atmosphere. For only when we bow to pray, repent, and turn from our wicked ways as we humble ourselves will he hear and heal our land.

We must do it now…24/7 hour prayers after we clean our hands and address our heart matters for the turn-around and MUST AND has started in HIS house first. His people must get ready and stay ready for there will be many that will be sent to His household and they will ONLY be seeking Jesus not us.

For he is calling out for HIS MILITARY, his heavy armed soldiers who know how to use their weapons. All the branches, the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, US Coast Guard, and Space Force WILL BE USED IN THIS SPIRTUAL BATTLE. For Each has been trained personally by him, know how to use their weapons and are DISCIPLINE.

ALL HANDS ON DECK…LOCKED IN ONE ACCORD AS AMBASSADORS, KINGS AND PRIEST LISTENING FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND WALKING IN OBEDIENCE. To stand and resist the attacks, lies, deception, witchcraft, pride, fear, and perversion  to name a few.

Father, we pray for your strength, the Faith of Jesus, courage like Joshua, protection (blood of the lamb and Psalms 91, and boldness to speak for and against the Kingdom of God. As we obey your instructions in this hour, we thank You for your Hoy Spirit who will teach and guide us for we have not been this way before. You are beckoning us to come trusting and totally resting upon you and YOU alone.


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