11/2/2021 confirmed 2:05pm released 11/3/2021

When ONE is born again, you have enter the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ and must receive all HE Has DONE! We have been given birth rights that include weapons, and authority to keep what has been given to us. Jesus Christ has won the victory over the enemy and has destroyed all his works. By His Father words, His blood, and His Holy Spirit we are victorious because of the New Covenant.

Unfortunately, many of God’s children are unaware because of lack of knowledge and understanding from not been taught, trained or disobedience. BUT RIGHT NOW, IT IS URGENT TO seek diligently, discover what belongs to born again believers, believe what the Word says about it, and  receive all by using what already belongs to you.

For those of us who are aware of their birth rights (covenant, benefits, promises, weapons, and authority); we must humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways that has allowed the enemy into our camps, and REPENT. We must not allow the enemy to continue to kill, steal and destroy and present OUR LORD GOD as helpless and powerless. We have birth rights and can not allow deception, witchcraft, bullying, or  manipulation to steal them.


If you are not born again, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET IN THE Kingdom of God, RIGHT NOW under his wings of protection where Jesus is King, and God is your Father. Do this by confessing with your mouth aloud and believing in your heart as you speak:

Dear Jesus,

I repent and ask for forgiveness of my unbelief and disobedience and ask you to come into my heart. I believe you died for my sins, and rose again to set me free. I receive your Holy Spirit who will lead and guide me in my righteousness that you have obtain for me and I have received because I believe.

Open my eyes that I may see what you have already done for me. Clean out my ears and detox me of the ways of the world; so I only hear your voice and not a stranger and walk in obedience. Send me to leadership that demonstrates your love, power, and strength for I need all that belongs to me to share and demonstrate your glory. I too take my birth rights and the enemy will no longer steal, kill, or destroy anything you have given me; for you have destroyed his works.

I declare you are my Lord and King and I have received all that you have reclaimed for me.

In Jesus name Amen and Amen.


The remnant must get in and stay in position armed to defend and offend to keep our birth rights through battling in the spiritual realm and interceding for each other AND THOSE who are in darkness and can not see nor hear the TRUTH.

Our Lord and Savior was born to die, demonstrated Love and Power, took the stripes, shed his untainted  blood, was buried in a tomb, rose from the dead, took the keys of death and hell, present his blood in the Holiest of Holy, showed up again to his disciples, gave them the commission, ascended to Heaven and sent The Holy Spirit, NOW he sitteth as our High Priest interceding for us FOR IT IS FINISHED until the appointed TIME that only the Father knows.

We, the Remnant must take our birth rights, weapons, THE WORD, HIS BLOOD AND THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND USED THEM in the battle he has already won. Against an enemy that is already defeated, against his works that are already destroyed. He is counting on us to finish our assignments that we have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish. Move forward in unison as Ambassadors and Ministers of Reconciliation in the Kingdom of God giving him all the Glory FOR THE GATES OF HELL WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH. It is all about Him and what he has already done. In Jesus Name. Amen and Amen!


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