Anna Adams Ministries LLC (AAM, LLC)

This website’s main purpose is to educate, empower and encourage individual(s) and or groups’ lives that will in turn  instill HOPE in their hearts while their own thinking, perspectives, and behavioral patterns  are changed.   Sharing the love of God with others is a priority along with identifying the ANSWER  to many problems and or issues that we face daily that can be resolved by grasping and understanding the difference between facts and TRUTH.

 AAM, LLC ‘s mission and assignment(s) are geared toward collaborative efforts with leaders and experts in communities to serve the underserved which has intensified in the last 10 years. Assistance in many areas are available but many are unknown including the mental health and spiritual components for wholeness is the goal.

Spiritual Mandate

 Commission: Just as I sent John the Baptist – I send you – Saying Repent, Repent for The Kingdom of God is at hand. Feed my sheep, feed my lamb, feed my sheep and remind them that they have a High Priest interceding for them.

Mandate: Teach them Who they are – What they have and How to use what they have.

Ministry: Healing and Deliverance Through, In and By The Living Word

As a Fisher of men:

Catch Them, Clean Them, Teach Them, Train Them, Empower Them

To the Lost: Jesus Is The One You Need

To the New Born: Basic 111 of the Kingdom of God

To the Body of Christ: Crucify Flesh and Get On About Our Father’s Business

To the World: Jesus is Coming Back Again