Anna M. J. Weaver-Adams was Born to Jessie and Ernestine Adams along with her brother Jessie Jr into a military environment which framed all of our lives. That life introduced us to people that we would have never met, required us to move to a different locations every 3 years (5-17 yrs old, and give us a perspective of a fine tuned and disciplined life. Father spent 22 years in the Army and we were his soldiers which we did not appreciate as children but as adults are so thankful.

Below are a dedication and acknowledgements to both with much love:

Mother, Ernestine Adams (January 9, 1934 to July 1, 1988) (Dedication page 5 from a book entitled “The New Beginning from God through Jesus Christ” Fundraiser Copy)

“To my mother, Ernestine McIntosh-Adams, a mother who loved unconditionally and wanted the best for all. She left her children a spiritual legacy that can’t be duplicated. She was an Evangelist and the founding Pastor of One Way to God Church from September 4th, 1978 to July 1st, 1988.

Thank you for guiding me into the Kingdom of God at the age of 17. Although we received Jesus Christ as our Savior and the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues; we were clueless of the treasures we possessed.  We did not know who or what we had way back then which is the catalyst for this book.

Although we were saved, we lack a teacher and knowledge that only God can give us. Little did we know that we were not the only ones, for there are many. Through you my personal relationship with God was launched and now the incorruptible seed has grown enough to share the truth with whomever wants to know more about our Lord and King and develop their own relationship with God through him.

I know you are looking over the banister of Heaven watching the next generation walk out the Word of the Lord. Glory to God! Thank you, momma, see you soon.”

Jessie Adams Sr, (April 29, 1930 to October 28, 2020) (The New Beginning from God through Jesus Christ, page 11, Fundraiser Copy from the book “The New Beginning from God through Jesus Christ”)

“To my Father, Pastor Jessie L. Adams, you stood in the gap after momma left to walk out your destiny in Christ at One Way to God Church. I was given my first spiritual taste of boot camp as a private in the Army of the Lord and had no choice in developing my own relationship with God. I thank God for you and the Holy Ghost!”

Not Farwell Message Extended version delivered November 1, 2020 at his Home Going

Pastor Jessie Adams Senior and Dad,

We Honor and Salute you on this day of November 1, 2020, For we know it is God who knows everything about us and has a plan for our lives before we came out our mother’s womb and gently guides us through the wilderness and storms of life as he orders our steps.

Those who have been around you more than 30 minutes also know that God had sent you all over the world and you have encountered many people throughout your travels but we are grateful and appreciative you were a part of our lives. As a solider in the Army, A husband, A Dad, A Grandpa, A Brother, An Uncle, A Cousin, A Brother-in-law, A Spiritual Father, A Friend and yes even a Great Great Grandpa; you have left an everlasting impression on our lives that we will never forget.

For with military precision, you held down the fort, stood in the gap, and pressed your way through the 90 years that you were given but in your most cherished role as a Pastor is where your story is told. Your love for the church and doing the will of your heavenly Father was your first love and lifting up the name of Jesus which has grabbed his heart and as he welcomed you into his loving arms he whispered, “Well Done my good and faithful servant, well done son”.

The Lord has been honored by your service and care of his flock and we are thankful that you did get to see some of the fruit of your labor with your own eyes before you departed. “Rest mighty solider until we meet again” around the supper table of our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father.

I Thessalonians 1:3: Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labor of love, And patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father. From Your Daughter Anna and Son Jessie Jr. Adams (We kept our Promise to you and Mom the best way we knew how).