IT’S A LOVE THING

 Dear Loved One,

I wanted to take a few minutes to share LOVE with you. You see, you are so loved that God sent a special Gift directly to you. This Gift has every answer to every problem you have had or will ever have in your life. If applied properly it will protect and keep you from being overwhelmed from darkness because the Gift is a person that has destroyed the leader of darkness.

You are not the only one that has been mentally and physically attacked in this life. Every single person on this planet has been abused or used; lied to or cheated upon; or deceived and misled. These are common factors that this dark world governed by the ruler of darkness has presented to all of us. However, the Gift given to every person in this entire world is “The Light” we all need and have access.

His main reason was to destroy the culprit or enemy whose main purpose is to destroy our lives and remove hope. He did it and it is still done. However, the enemy is counting on everyone not recognizing or discovering this TRUTH. So, he continues to attack our minds and bodies to distract us from THE Light and TRUTH.

The Truth is The One who sent The Light, is LOVE, God himself and he loves you so much and knows you by name and LOVE gives. So, God sent his son, Jesus Christ and his son sent his Holy Spirit. The gift of LOVE continues to give and give.

When someone hands you a gift normally we reach out and receive it and proceed on to unwrap with a “Thank You” coming out of your mouth. This simple action is exactly how you receive the best and important gift you will every receive in your entire life. Receiving this Gift that is available to every person on earth will bring not only light (understanding and guidance) but will never leave or forsake you.

Real and eternal LOVE conquers all and receiving this Love Gift will change your entire life here and eternity. This Gift is called Jesus Christ and can become your personal hero, knight in shining armor, lover, best friend and more importantly become your savior, healer, and deliverer.  Receiving him means that the One that sent him becomes your Father who is LOVE and you will inherit more than this world can offer.

He will show you how to live on this earth with the weapons and resources you will need until he returns for us.  He will always be there for you no matter what you go through and is bidding you to take the first step towards him; so let him guide you the rest of the way protected.

Love sent a Love gift, receive it with both hands. I did and so many others have and will never regret it. Only you can make that decision for yourself for it is a personal thing and is the wisest move you will ever make in your entire life. I simply want to compel and encourage you this day to take the LOVE gift that will change your entire life and start your “New Beginning from God through Jesus Christ”. 

Receive your New Beginning by receiving Jesus Christ right now by sincerely praying this prayer out loud to yourself:

 “Dear Jesus, Forgive me of all my sins (known and unknown). I believe you were sent to rescue me by dying on the cross in my place for me. You shed your blood to redeem me back to God. I believe that you rose from the dead to destroy the works of the devil and to set me free from all bondages because you Love me.

Come into my heart and fill me with your Holy Spirit so that my eyes are open to see that you have been there from the beginning. Open my ears so that I can hear your voice only and not a stranger. Break all hinderances that has blocked and blinded me from the truth and fulfilling my destiny in you. Give me the gift of the Holy Language so that I can communicate directly with God for the veil that separate us was torn and I now have access.

I receive you and all that belongs to me in Jesus’ Name. Holy Spirit, please teach and guide me to the right NOUNS to fulfill my purpose on this Earth.  Thank you, Jesus for saving, healing, and delivering me”.

Congratulations, if you sincerely prayed this prayer, you have taken your first step into a NEW BEGINNING from GOD through Jesus Christ. The angels in heaven are rejoicing so receive the Joy of the Lord, in Jesus Name. It’s done and now unwrap the gift and start your new journey to discover your purpose and destiny.

 Now discover what belongs to you, who you have become, and how to use what you got already. I speak Blessings upon you and send you Love and Peace from our Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen. 

Sincerely with Love,


From a true believer whom has taken the most wonderful Gift I could ever receive.  I wanted to share Love, Peace, and Joy that can only come From God. Please be aware that This same Gift is the King of Kings and he will soon be returning for those who have received him, so Prepare, Plan, and Be Ready.

Your New Beginning